DNA for BUSINESS – The 5/30 Grid
“5 Areas For Every Business”

Every business has an engine, the challenge is that we’ve often accidently built the engine without really having it engineered to accomplish what we desire as output from our engine.

A. Conceived out of humility and a passion to serve

The 5/30 Grid is a cumulation of over thirty years of extensive experience . . . and according to Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world . . . “Trust me when I say, ‘You’ve never seen anything like this in your life.”

The 5/30 Grid was developed from an ActionVision client who rated his coaching at an “8” out of 10 and shared the way to get it to a “10” would be to condense everything in ActionVision down into one 8½ by 11. At first Mark Boersma thought he was joking, but after making the suggestion two months in a row, Mark set out to condense decades of experience and millions of dollars invested into IP – Intellectual Property . . . and condense it down into one page.

The 5/30 Grid was born out of humility and listening to a client who knew at a subconscious level that there was a need to simplify things into something that anyone could understand. What seemed to be an unrealistic request from a client has turned into something that is being embraced around the world in both the business and community based organizations as a way to change the way we SEE, the way we THINK about building an engine to increase our sales / contributions and work with people in a more effective manner.

The moral of this story . . . “Always listen carefully to our clients and be willing to seek the impossible in customer service with a passion to help everyone we serve discover and live their life vision each and every day.”

B. Mark Boersma & Tom Kunz

Mark Boersma is an international speaker and author. He has three business degrees, one in finance, one in marketing and one in management. Mark has written 16 books and over 50 detailed white papers.

Tom Kunz is the most recent past President of CENTURY 21, the largest real estate franchise in the world. Tom also helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals.

Being the President of a worldwide company with over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 different countries, it’s safe to say that Tom is very experienced in systems, tools and ways of thinking. It’s fair to say that Tom has been exposed and is aware of the best of the best.

Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise company in the world shared:

“I have traveled all around the world and I’ve never seen anything like The 5/30 Grid. It’s so simple and easy . . . yet very complex where it needs to be complex. It is like the holy grail of business. It will work for any company in the world. It so simple that a child running a lemonade stand could understand and benefit from it and it’s so thorough that a CEO of a billion dollar worldwide company would benefit from it as well.”

The simple part of The 5/30 Grid is the 5 Areas which are in every company and community based organization. The 5 areas are like a pipeline where each of the areas is like a pipe and every business is only as strong as it’s smallest pipe. A company could have four of the five areas / pipes at 5 million in sales, but if one of those five areas is only at 1 ½ million then the company will only do 1 ½ million.

What systems and disciplines do we have and need to have to achieve our WOW sales, profit and/or income goals?

How many leads and what is the quality level of the leads we need to have to achieve our goals?

What systems, tools and resources do we need to have to work EVERY lead we receive to convert as high a percentage as possible?

How do we assist our sales teams to convert leads faster? How do we overcome objections and/or prevent them from happening?

How do we service our clients in such an amazing way that they refer everyone they know to us?

What systems do we have to obtain 3 to 9 referrals a year from all of our clients and those we are connected with?

Experienced and seasoned leaders are immediately drawn into The 5/30 Grid as it is extremely simple, the 5 areas are very comprehensive, the 6 levels / 30 boxes. After Tom saw the 5/30 Grid for the first time he shared . . . “Do you know what you have here Mark?” Mark’s response was . . . “I think so.” Tom went on to share that he didn’t think Mark realized what he really had. Tom shared that The 5/30 Grid was the Holy Grail to business as it’s so simple it could be understood by a young child running a lemonade stand and so complex, as one starts to drill down into The 5/30 Grid that it will challenge a CEO of a fortune 100 company.

WARNING: The following does get into far more details than many personalities like or value.  Those who value history, the story behind the creation do so, because it helps them to contextually SEE all the hard work and effort invested into creating something.  As you’ll SEE . . . IF . . . you go through the history / the story in detail, the rich history will reveal to you, as Tom shares . . . “You’ve never experienced anything like The DNA for BUSINESS delivered through the ActionVision system.”  You will also gain a deeper understanding as to why, those who can afford to go into the ActionVision system, do so as it’s customized specifically to the individual.  Feel free to skip the history and go right to the bottom line if that is something you wish to do.  ActionVision system

C. You’ve NEVER seen anything like this before . . . NEVER!

It’s interesting . . . where some people will say they have seen something like this before, when Tom shared many times he’s never seen anything like this in his life and his traveling all around the world.

If you think you’ve seen / experienced anything like The 5/30 Grid, take a closer look at it and you’ll see, there is nothing out there so easy while being so deep and powerful.

When we design systems for each of the 5 Areas to all be integrated into one BOS – Business Operating System, and blend in the DNA for PEOPLE and the DNA for LIFE, we will exceed our WOW goals and achieve far more than anyone ever dreamed of.

Review your 12 month WOW income, sales and/or profit goals and imagine which of the 5 areas / pipes may be causing the challenges you might be having and/or holding you back?

Are you interested / ready to take a look at your business / organization in a much deeper manner? The X-Ray will look at three dimensions, nine major areas within one’s business, seven systems, over forty areas of your life / business. It will reveal what a company is doing right and little ways it could be improved. It will show how what takes most businesses 15 to 25 years to do, could, with the right BOS, be done in 3 to 5 years.

D. BOS – Business Operating System

The BOS – Business Operating System, is the engine which runs our business. We earn the money we earn, work the hours we work have the stress and life balance we do or do not have due to the engine we have in our business.

Most business owners, don’t really own a company, they own a job. The 5/30 Grid does for business what the McDonald brothers did for fast food. When you take The 5/30 Grid (DNA for BUSINESS) and have an ActionVision BOS engineer assist you in the discovery of your life vision, the reason you were put on this planet and then engineer your very own unique BOS around your business . . . could you be the next Ray Kroc?

Just like Ray Kroc realized it was the business operating system that the McDonald brothers had which was so powerful . . . when we realize that it’s the business operating system that runs our business which is where the real value and the real money is . . . that is when we will jump to new dimensions of success. Watch the video The Founder and connect your vision, your passion for what you do with the BOS and The 5/30 Grid and you’ll be inspired like never before and will now have the engine you’ve been looking for and maybe never even realized it.






This people system is blended into The 5/30 Grid throughout all 5 areas and everyone of the 30 boxes. We will have a people system which will attract more and better prospects to us, help us to convert more prospects to clients and do so faster. We will create happier clients which in turn will generate more referrals and clients for life.



The 5/30 Grid helps us to organize every area of people and financial into a symphony of success and effectiveness. With The 5/30 Grid, Ray Kroc would be as excited about your business as he was about the McDonald brothers business. Imagine . . . the possibilities and the opportunities for you and all those you care about!

iii. DNA for LIFE


There are over 500 Natural Laws . . . which are a lot like an oil field in your backyard. It doesn’t do a lot of good if you don’t know the oil is there and/or don’t know how or have the resources to drill for the oil and bring it to market. The 5/30 Grid will assist you to bring the magic of you and your business to the marketplace.

E. It’s an art as much as it is a science

What you see below is 1/10th of the IP – Intellectual Property which has been condensed down into the one 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper.

What you see below is the first rendition of The 5/30 Grid from the massive amount of IP – Intellectual Property. There are thousands of diagrams, models, insights, and ways of thinking which has produced the following.

Mark and Tom always found it interesting when people complained about it being too complex. Tom was fond of saying . . . “I always found it interesting when someone would come up to me and say . . . ‘Tom, what’s the magic silver bullet?’ I would say to them . . . ‘Do you know the work that it takes to create a silver bullet? It takes mining for the silver, then creating and testing all different types of gun powder and creating a gun . . .’ If we want the freedom that comes from owning one’s own company, from creating systems which improve our lifestyle our quality of life, we need be willing to do the hard work.”

Tom, would go on and share . . . “Mark and others in Mark’s networks, mastermind groups have invested millions of dollars and decades to bring you something you will never find anywhere in the world. What’s interesting . . . when I think about it, people will always pay for ActionVision. They will either make the financial investment into ActionVision, the custom engineered system for their own BOS and reap the rewards . . . OR they won’t make the financial investment and will pay far more financially in that scenario . . . and probably never know it on a conscious level.”

If you’re a little overwhelmed by the above, you can be thankful to Tom for helping to simplify it.

If you view the original condensed version above you might notice the foundation of all Natural Laws, 3 Steps to Anything,
Step 1: Examination
Step 2: Solutions
Step 3: Implementation

When we blend in DNA for LIFE, Natural Laws with the DNA for BUSINESS magical things start to happen. The 5/30 Grid has an amazing ability to blend everything we need into our BOS and see success that we know at a subconscious level we can achieve but do not know how to achieve that success at a conscious level.

The NEXT Dimension Principle (2) helps us to know precisely how to double our sales / profits / income while working less hours.  Our custom ActionVision plan helps us to understand, at a deep level how we need to engineer our new BOS, engine for our business to make a dimensional jump.

There are over 500 Natural Laws discovered over the last almost thirty years and The 5/30 Grid empowers us to leverage those laws for our benefit and the benefit of those around us.  Natural Laws (3) like ~ 3 Steps To Anything ~ 4 Steps To Great Leadership ~ 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters ~ 5 Areas To Business Success and 6 Steps To Drilling & Maintaining an Oil Well are all key to breathing magic into The 5/30 Grid.

Each Natural Law is carefully crafted into our ActionVision plan, into The 5/30 Grid into our BOS to assist us to see greater success in our business and every area of our life.

What will help you, your team make a dimensional jump? In (4) we learn about the 5 H’s to success – HOPE – Head – Heart – Hands and HELPING others. It is in the 5th H, HELPING others that deep learning comes into place.

Which of the following frequencies would you believe you, your team would be most motivated / inspired to greatness? What’s interesting is what we “like” often is not what will inspire us to greatness. Learning the science behind DNA for PEOPLE, Personality Masteries / Frequencies will help us to implement our new BOS and The 5/30 Grid in the most effective manner.

One of the most powerful aspects of The 5/30 Grid is it can provide us with a very detailed map as to how to build a new BOS.

The original version, of The 5/30 Grid had a lot of arrows connecting all the boxes together to seek to help individuals understand that all 30 boxes, in all 6 levels in the 5 areas all are interconnected together and all support every other box. Tom wisely shared to take out all the arrows to help individuals understand it’s very simple . . . and it is . . . in a way . . . at least initially when we get started.

When Tom discovered that there was an order to the boxes he shared . . . “Mark you need to number the boxes. When we first get started working to implement The 5/30 Grid in our business we often start doing diagonal learning. The 5/30 Grid is very linear, initially . . . it’s really learning how to be a craftsman with the tool. As we gain skills in The 5/30 Grid then we evolve into being a artist. The third level of proficiency is to be a delta, an agent of change everywhere we go. The more we learn and know about The 5/30 Grid, the more we realize we don’t know. Being humble helps us to continue to learn and mine the depths of the power of The 5/30 Grid.

Part (6) on the graph is still being discovered and connects deeply into The DNA for LIFE.

There are three major areas within the ActionVision system for the full and rich development of The 5/30 Grid.

The “Basic” ActionVision is helping us to use our passions to see greater success. Those things we are passionate about come fairly easy for us to do. This connects directly back into the DNA for PEOPLE, our personality / our frequency. We often think we are disciplined in areas, we’re really not and not disciplined in areas we think we are.

In the “Intermediate” ActionVision we start to realize that we have a “Purpose” in our lives and The 5/30 Grid helps us to do things that we may not especially enjoy doing but are required of us in order for us to achieve our full potential.

In the “Advanced” ActionVision, the full application of The 5/30 Grid we see how The 5/30 Grid will not only assist us in earning more money and working less but it will help us in achieving our life vision, our full potential, which is making a huge difference in the lives of many people all around the world.

The biggest enemy to greatness in our businesses, organizations and our lives is being good. We tend to become comfortable with being good and often will not strive for being great!

We believe, you’ll find as Mark and Tom discovered that the more you learn and know about The 5/30 Grid . . . the more you’ll realize the more you don’t know.

To help us understand conceptually, we will share just one of thousands of stories which make up the overall big picture story of The 5/30 Grid. When we fully appreciate the history of The 5/30 Grid and the depth upon which is has and is continuing to be developed . . . that is when we will have the ability to leverage The 5/30 Grid to assist us see success in every area of our business and lives. One of Mark’s favorite stories is when Life Masteries Institute / Legacy Partners approached Mark to teach a 7 week online course on Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message.

Mark has three degrees in business, one of which is a BS in Marketing. Mark has been told by a number of high level individuals how skilled he is in marketing and writing powerful copy. One business owner shared with Mark on how he thought Mark was the fastest and one of the best copywriters he had ever known and this owner worked for a large worldwide marketing / PR firm.

Mark was humbled by investing 49 weeks into teaching this seven week course and invested well over $45,000 of his own time and resources into building this seven week course. The course is called Sticky Messages and an amazing course for Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message, within The 5/30 Grid. Everyone would benefit from learning to communicate in a more effective manner and should take this course. Mark believes this course has been instrumental in helping him to have an extra 20 hours of free time a week and taking one week off a month.

Learning to communicate in a more effective manner . . . simply saves us a huge amount of time and helps us to earn a lot more money while working less.  This is just one simple, easy example of how deep one can go into The 5/30 Grid.  The 5/30 Grid is so powerful that it has inspired many worldwide mastermind groups to come together to learn best practices.  A few of the examples are www.MyCoffeeConnection.org, www.Mastermind-Seminars.org, The Success Circle of 12, Community Empowerment Teams (CET’s) to name a few.

We trust this “History” of The 5/30 Grid will assist you in appreciating all the effort, thought and energy invested into bringing you something that will . . . if you allow it . . . to change the way you do business . . . which will change your life.

Step1: 30 Minute Strategy Session ~ If you have not already done the 30 minute gift Strategy Session please do that right away as Step 1.

Step 2:  Business X-Ray ~ If you have done Step 1 then take Step 2 and do the Business X-Ray to gain a better / deeper understanding of what is the best way for you to build your new BOS – Business Operating System which will include The 5/30 Grid, The DNA for BUSINESS.

F. Leadership

Mark and Tom traveled around the country for eight years teaching about Community / Business Partnerships and BOS, The 5/30 Grid and the 3 DNA’s. Mark and Tom also lead 10 to 15 Success Circle of 12 mastermind calls every week. www.DNAforLife-laws.com/sc12

One day . . . on one of those calls . . . Mark realized that The 5/30 Grid was missing something. That afternoon Mark developed the leadership ingredient which creates a system for leaders to create a system to instill culture and values into every team member, assist each team member discover their own life vision and connect it back into the company’s vision. This same system will instill a rock solid system for belief and knowledge, the DO, the GIVE and create a legacy for the owner, company, leaders and every team member.

From the decades of experience as an international speaker and author Mark pulled together the six most important things he believed were needed to become a great leader.

These six levels of leadership are designed to help build a rock solid culture and values for your company / organization which is the foundation upon which you will build your legacy as a founder, owner and/or leader.

An additional decade and millions of dollars a system was discovered for helping individuals discover their life vision in 20 minutes and continued ongoing research and development are being invested to help every team member, customer, vendor, family, friends and everyone we meet to discover their life vision and then integrate it into your life vision as a founder, owner and/or leader. Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own.

The DNA for LIFE the Natural Laws help us have the ingredients to help everyone we come in contact with to learn to THINK DIFFERENTLY and do so quickly.  This provides a system, just like Ray Kroc did with McDonald’s to instill belief and knowledge, to help people DO, to take actions on the right things, to be generous and GIVE and then to create a mutual legacy which is far larger together than anyone of us could do on our own.

The 5/30 Grid can be applied for building a rock solid recruiting system as well as for building a system for creating profitable partnerships. Anything having to do with financial and/or people The 5/30 Grid is the engine for greater success.

The 5/30 Grid is not just for businesses but also for any community based organization and/or cause. The 5/30 Grid makes raising money, volunteers and/or awareness for any cause far easier to do. Producing more results with less effort and resources is what The 5/30 Grid does in a magical way.

G. Profitable Partnerships

Once we develop out The 5/30 Grid and the Leadership systems we then become a most valuable resource for anyone else in business and/or community based organizations.

The average person on the street knows around 250 people, the average business owner, leader knows over 5,500 people. When we learn how to take our BOS, our 5/30 Grid and help other business owners and community based leaders achieve their goals, their vision . . . they will help us to better achieve our goals and life vision.

Through the networks of others, we know millions of people. With The 5/30 Grid and our BOS, we are able to bring more value to a lot more people without us taking more of our time. As we bring more value to more people, we simply earn a lot more money and see far greater results with less effort.

Applying The 5/30 Grid to Profitable Partnerships will help us to leverage every connection we have and every connection they have.

For someone like Tom, the following is like the holy grail to business. To the untrained eye or maybe someone who is new to systems and models, everything which was covered may be overwhelming.

To learn more about the many ways to Learn & Earn at the same time visit the “Powerful Networks” part of this website for additional insights on how you can add new networks and profit centers as a result of leveraging The 5/30 Grid as a system for developing new profitable partnerships.

Do you remember the first time you looked at a keyboard and wondered . . . “Why don’t they put the A, B and C keys on the keyboard right next to each other?” It didn’t make sense and was hard to learn . . . until you learned it and now it’s second nature and we never even think about it. It just works. That is how you will, over time, learn how to use The 5/30 Grid, the DNA for BUSINESS.