Massive Value

A. MORE . . . Money & People

The 5/30 Grid has many uses, once we have it fully integrated into our BOS – Business Operating System. Here are some of the big picture uses:

Grow our business ~ increase sales and profitability
Reduce our costs in every area
Leverage for a recruiting, training and mentoring system for employees
Leverage for developing profitable partnerships
Raise awareness and/or funds for great causes
Raise up volunteers
Partner with community based organizations for mutual benefit

Really . . . anything having to do with financial and/or people, The 5/30 Grid will help us to jump dimensionally to new levels of success. To fully understand the scope, the potential, the capabilities of what The 5/30 Grid could do for you, your business your organization we strongly recommend reading through the “History ~ The Story” of The 5/30 Grid.

To gain a full perspective of the full power of the system, learning the story behind the system will provide a deeper appreciation of all that has been invested into the discovery of it’s full capabilities.

If we have a certified BOS – Business Operating System engineer create a custom BOS for us, we are in a position to use that BOS, that engine to run as many businesses as we wish. Our custom BOS will also give us an abundance of free time enabling us to invest more time into those things we truly love to do and those things which will leave a legacy.

We learn in the History / The Story, how The 5/30 Grid is like a pipeline with five pipes and we’re only as strong as our smallest / weakest pipe.

Often our WOW income, sales and / or profit goals are double what we are currently earning. Why is this? Our subconscious knows that we have a lot more potential than we have tapped into, but consciously, we do not know how to achieve our full potential. The 5/30 Grid helps us to break down each of the five major areas within our business, just like a pipeline with five pipes and determine where we have leaks or pipes which are smaller than the other pipes.

The 5/30 Grid will assist us to gain perfect alignment of all five pipes which maximizes our profitability at every level of sales.

Throughout this entire website you’ll gain a lot of wisdom from Tom Kunz. Tom does not have a college education similar to many other leaders of large international companies.

Tom is in his 60’s and a part of a generation which seems to think very different than many do today.

Tom shared a story about hiring a golf pro to help him in his golf game. After exchanging some pleasantries the golf pro asked Tom to give him a club out of Tom’s golf bag “that never worked.” Tom wasn’t sure what this meant so he asked for more clarification. The golf pro said “You know Tom, a club where the ball always goes right or left or the ball never goes very far.” Tom laughed and said he had a number of those clubs in his bag.

To gain a far deeper understanding of our business systems in a much deeper manner? The X-Ray will look at three dimensions, nine major areas within one’s business, seven systems, over forty areas of your life / business. It will reveal what a company is doing right and little ways it could be improved. It will show how what takes most businesses 15 to 25 years to do, could, with the right BOS, be done in 3 to 5 years.

B. Will help businesses generate more sales

Often, we simplify things when they are far more complex and make things complex which are very simple. The 5/30 Grid will help us to be simple when simple is possible and complex when things are complex.

If we double the quantity of leads we generate for our business, will that double our profits? Often the answer is “No, it will not.” Why? One of the Natural Laws is the 4 Q’s to Success.

Q1: Quantity of Leads
Q2: Quality of Leads
Q3: Quantity of Efforts
Q4: Quality of Efforts

When we understand the deep science of BOS – Business Operating System and The 5/30 Grid we realize that we often focus on the wrong things which may seem to work in the short term but will often hurt us in the long term.

When we increase our Q1 – Quantity of Leads, we often do this through Area 1: Marketing efforts. Often the higher Q1 (Quantity of Leads) we gain the lower the Q2 (Quality Of Leads) which drives our sales closing ratio down.

The average salesperson / company will convert 1 out of 10 leads or a 10% sales closing ratio. Let’s say we’re at 20%, 100% better than the average company. If we double our leads, we move further from our sphere of influence, which drives our sales closing ratio down. If we drop from 20% to 10% while doubling our leads we actually will end up with the same amount of sales but far higher Area 1: Marketing, Area 2: Pre-Sales and Area 3: The Sale costs will be.

A far better strategy would probably be to focus energy, dollars and efforts on Area 2: Pre-Sales and Area 3: The Sale to increase our sales closing ratio from 20% to move it to 30% or 40% which would increase our sales by 50% to 100% while reducing our costs. Our profits could increase by over 500% with a different strategy.

This is just one strategy out of hundreds of possible strategies we can be intentional in implementing within The 5/30 Grid. Increasing sales can actually come from all five areas within The 5/30 Grid.

Here is how each of the five areas can produce more sales for us.

How effective are we, as leaders, in connecting our vision into the vision of all those we work with and are connected to? If we did a better job at this would we generate more sales?

When we feed our testimonies (Box 12) back into marketing we can generate more and better leads.

When we develop a 10+ Strategic Strike Box 5, we will better work our leads and convert more prospects into clients.

When we apply Personality Masteries, Box 14 and 15 to the sales process and blend into Box 12 we’ll convert leads far faster.

Developing a system for Box 7: Ask for Referrals we will leverage the “Cluster Principle” and could generate between 3 and 9 referrals for each prospect and client we work with.

The average person knows 250 people the average business owner knows over 5,500 people. How many of those are being referred to us?

Great partners can know well over 5,500 people and when we use our custom BOS ~ The 5/30 Grid we will have systems which will generate far more sales.

Experienced and seasoned leaders are immediately drawn into The 5/30 Grid as we learn to generate more leads through natural laws like The Cluster Principle we use The 5/30 Grid to be a sales generating machine.

C. Help community based organizations generate more contributions

D. Use for recruiting people

E. Use for raising funds

F. Use for raising awareness

G. Average person 250 network ~ Business Owner 5,500