To build a BOS – Business Operating System
there are three steps to get started.

Step 1: Examination

Just like a doctor will never give you a prescription without doing an examination. A great BOS will generate millions of dollars in sales and profits in future years . . . IF . . . it’s designed properly. Before you get started on anything the first action to take should be getting a Business / Life X-Ray. It’s fast, easy and very inexpensive. One gentleman a few years ago shared: “I received more from the $285 Business X-Ray than I did, a year ago when I invested over $40,000 in having a consulting company analyze my business. It was amazing and life changing!”

Step 2: Solutions

Once we have a thorough examination the next step is to determine the possible solutions and then determine the best solution to meet one’s needs, budget, and desired time frame to see results.

We have found that individuals / companies / organizations tend to like three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate and an advanced. The basic is often best if someone knows they need help but aren’t sure on the specifics or maybe funds are tight or there isn’t a strong sense of urgency and/or maybe the individual / team tend to be the type of individuals who like to understand everything before taking action.

The intermediate solution tends to be for those individuals / companies / organizations who tend to be very intuitive and “can just sense” a great solution and will tend to move quickly.

The advanced solutions tend to be those who know there are so many opportunities and/or needs for change and want to move quickly and have assistance in doing so.

Talk with your executive BOS engineer / coach who completed your Business X-Ray for specific recommendations they would recommend.

Step 3: Implementation

Some individuals / companies / organizations have a strong sense of urgency and will take action immediately while others tend to take their time. Either way is fine as every BOS is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual, company and/or organization.

The three major ways to build a BOS is through:

One On One

Learning and Coaching

Group / Mastermind

Learning and Coaching

Workshops / Online

Learning and Coaching

There are many ways to implement The 5/30 Grid and through the Business X-Ray we are able to determine very quickly how to best design / engineer your BOS and where to get started on The 5/30 Grid.

Talk with your executive coach / mentor ~ engineer on what the most effective approach would be for you, your company / organization.

DNA for BUSINESS – The 5/30 Grid
“6 Levels for each of 5 areas”